Today has been one of those where you wonder if there’s any way out at all..

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve made some bad choices and I know that my current world is almost entirely my own doing. This i know. But still I am filled with such rage. I have no clue how to fix any of it.  

I hate my fucking job. It makes me emptier every day.  Im broke as fuck.  Im bad with money.  I continue to make bad choices and I seem rather than to learn from my mistakes just to keep re doing them until it goes so far past not funny anymore i can barely stand it.

What the fuck is my deal anyway.  Perhaps Im stupid. Ive never counted myself as dumb but Im starting to wonder.

There are so many things id love to be and do and see and hear and smell and simply watch happen.  I want them all and I don’t know how to get there. Shit.

So theres a brief ‘in’ into my life.  


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