CBT Session 1

So this evening I have attended my first CBT session. My therapist is younger than me, it did nothing for my issues. Sure she was nice and her water melon themed nails would have been charming in pretty much any other circumstances, but here in a delapadated health service building they seem to be laughing at me. “Why are your nails so depressed, in that deep red?” they chuckle. It’s an odd thing to have I ask yourself in session 1. “Are my nails telling people about my inside self?”….and also, “Did I pick this colour on purpose to put out there that I’m dark/sad?”. It’s a lot to take on board and also it means I have to think more deeply about my choices in the nail bar.

I feel I’ve come away from anxiety management with another thing to worry about.  Must try harder next week….and also probably concentrate on more important shit than my nails…I guess I may be making of light if this all with questionable humour. Huh. 


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