There’s a bit of me that always sort of wishes I would die.  

Just for it to be over. 

For the rest 

To relinquish my quest 

To call time 

To say no 

To let go 

To catch some zzzzzzzs

Fuck your thank yous and pleases

To close my eyes 

To unwind

To be done 

Because fuck fun 

It isn’t fun

What did I become 

I am undone

  1. Show me my way down to the people pound where the grass is  dark and the earth is wet and the bodies sweat and the planet eats them, nothing but teeth to distinguish, no blood, no skin, no English. No tribe, no wants, no goals, no souls… soul done left me.  Gone where it goes, left my skeleton empty.

But I’m just joshing with you 

Down here in the hole where the lawn meets the dawn   

Nothing to keep chattin bout 

Muscles gone, I ain’t got no clout 


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